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Acubiz is amongst the nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020

This year, EY has found businesses who among other things have spotted opportunities during hardship and been capable of adapting their business
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This year’s EY Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates businesses and entrepreneurs who are able to seize the opportunities that emerge in the wake of the crisis, who demonstrate adaptability and define long term perspectives, that will bring them through the challenging times. Through agility and adaptability, Acubiz has launched initiatives and solutions that both have strengthened the business here and now during the crisis period and likewise will benefit the business going forward.

For almost 25 years EY has celebrated the best growth creators in Denmark, but due to COVID-19 the accounting and consultancy agency has chosen to radically change this year’s edition of the competition. This year, EY has found businesses who have spotted opportunities during hardship, been capable of adapting their business, seen new behavior patterns in the market or responded to new market requirements through focus on growth and innovation.

Progress over stagnation

Expense Management solutions like Acubiz has traditionally been closely connected to business travel and the administrative routines related to documentation, control and accounting of the travel expenses. Obviously, Acubiz still creates plenty of value in this process, but to an increased extent, the software also embraces a huge range of other employee-initiated expenses. In addition, the solution can also be used to digitize and automate other administrative tasks, that also needs to be processed in a workflow. And as international travel is very affected by COVID-19, Acubiz has seen an opportunity in intensifying focus on the customer processes that does not necessarily has to do with travel activity. This is, as examples, time tracking and digital invoice handling.

Immediately after the lockdown in March, Acubiz implemented several initiatives to secure the above focus and to secure the best possible conditions for getting safely through to the other side. This other side was characterized with much uncertainty. Acubiz chose a strategy where progress was the focal point:

Even though we were uncertain of the future, we acted quickly. We would not stop our positive development by pushing the brake hard. On the contrary, our goal was to develop the business. We have done that by keeping focus on our marketing and sales activities together with securing resources for further development of our solution, says Lars de Nully, CEO and Founder of Acubiz.

Very happy about this year’s nomination

It is not surprising that the nomination for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year evokes happiness with Lars de Nully:

We have been nominated for the price before based on our growth. To be nominated again makes me proud, and the fact that the nomination comes in a challenging year makes me extra proud. Our dispositions and efforts during the year is securing that Acubiz stands in a strong market position with an outlook for further growth potential – also within areas outside of the traditional core around travel expenses.

Whether Acubiz proceed in the competition is not settled yet, as EY must find the regional winners. This will happen on 2. December. After this, the country final will go down on 21. January 2021.

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