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Meet Visma Acubiz: Sidsel from Finance

Follow Sidsel, our debtor accountant, through a typical day managing customer payments and invoices. Explore successful customer interactions, motivating factors, and the joy of turning negatives into positives. Discover Sidsel’s favorite Acubiz feature and her love for challenges, intense workouts, and constant curiosity.


”Meet Acubiz” is a series of articles that’ll take you behind the scenes at Acubiz. They’ll tell the stories of everyday heroes. In this article, the spotlight is turned toward Sidsel from Finance. 

What does a debtor accountant do?

My primary task is to ensure that all our customers pay on time. I am responsible for all communication regarding invoices with our customers, and I am the one who corrects things if the details need to be in order.  Additionally, I have a role in recording the money we receive from our issued invoices when they land in the bank. This is a highly satisfying task.

What does a typical day at the office look like for you?

Like most people, I start my day by checking my emails to see how many customer inquiries there are and if there are any messages from the boss. Then, I open our accounting program to get an overview of all the payments. After that, I scrutinise the payments. My next task is to check any overdue items and determine who needs to be called or written to!

If I am physically in the office, I also take some time to chat and joke around with my colleagues. It’s almost as important.

When would you describe your dialogue with a customer as successful?

I need to acknowledge the customer, understand their needs, and what they require assistance with. Finally, we should find the optimal solution to their challenge. I consider it very important that we have satisfied customers, and that I am satisfied with the resolution of the task. I like to delve into the details of the customer’s solution and provide an answer that makes them feel understood – and of course, results in them paying.

What is your best experience with a customer?

Fortunately, I have had many good experiences. The most crucial part of my job is to get customers to pay their invoices. I have experienced talking to customers who haven’t paid their invoices for a long time and have communicated that they have no intention of paying. When they end up paying in full, it’s always a very satisfying experience.

Another form of a good experience for me is when I turn a negative situation into a positive one. We can have customers who are quite dissatisfied, but through factual and comprehensive communication, it usually succeeds in reaching an agreement or achieving a good compromise that benefits both parties.

What motivates you to go to work every day?

I belong to a generation where we tend to need to perform to be satisfied. My answer is somewhat in that vein. Achieving results through my job is crucial to me. Knowing that I contribute something, and seeing that my role is important in the grand scheme of things, means a lot for my motivation.

The work environment I am in is also very important to me – the fact that we can have fun together at work and that there is room to be oneself!

Do you have a favourite Acubiz feature?

My favourite feature must be the app’s ability to scan expenses/receipts. It’s just so convenient, and I avoid the fear of losing my receipts.

Can you tell us something fun about yourself?

I love resistance. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit and a bit beyond. When I exercise, it has to be so intense that I’m panting and groaning. If I’m cycling uphill, I pedal even faster than if I’m cycling on flat ground.

My thoughts go in many directions, and I constantly challenge myself mentally and physically. Additionally, I am curious about everything ‘under the sun.’ Therefore, I ask many questions about the status quo.


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